Who are we

Once upon a time…..

I was probably born as an hopelessly “all animals lover”, the dogs having been my first love. Born in Florence city centre “ the legend ”  says that my patient parents were forced to bring me anywhere animals could be met and obviously touched, starting more or less when I was two years old ,  so my family albums are full  of pictures of me always close to an animal, be it a lion cub at the zoo, a kitten, a dog………
In my teens I became very popular amongst friends and neighbours, becoming probably the first ever Italian “dog sitter” aged 10-13 years. For many years I became involved with horses too, having the great pleasure to own two  ,  riding and jumping until I realized how unfair was to be carried on their back, even as  a very light weighted girl …!
It was anyway in the horses world where I met the first super smart dachsund….(See “Why Dachsunds” page)
At home parents had got for me a Cocker Spaniel Filippo and 2 years later Bona The Basset Hound, two short beautiful adventures with a sharp end.
Through the years I felt that I could not delay any more to get a dog of my own and the dream  began  to have the shape of Irish Setters, Airedales, Wire Dachsunds…….obviously a female to enjoy the adventure of whelping.
I had to reach an agreement with my parents who yes were fond of dogs but felt it very difficult to manage in the city . So in 1971 I went to Beppe Benelli ‘s kennels in Mugello because he had a short haired youngster dachshund bitch he was pleased to give me :  the unforgettable black and tan  Adele di Montetuscio, for us La  Piccola  , an extraordinary personality who spent nearly 18 years with me , and with the dogs who joined us   through the years.
But it was obvious that the destiny of Dachsund and Flatcoated retriever were bound  together in my life…..and when picking La Piccola at Galliano  I fell in love for a breed never met before. Ten, maybe more big ,strong , wonderful  black dogs  started to jump barking and wagging feathered tails to greet me , showing an obvious energy and happiness : the sweet Flatcoated ….” But they are not for sale!....”  I was told in the instant my eyes were shining  at them, anyway  also my heart said inside me at the same time  “ Costanza …..not for living in City……”.
This love at first sight had to wait for  about ten  years until I moved with Claudio in the country side and could start to have and  breed  more dogs . In the while I was very pleased with my dachshund and kept my attention on the favourite wire  haired standard , very well  bred by Margareta Nilsson under the Kennel name “ Del Lago Prile” , who had started  from very good  dogs  of the “Sport’s” Swedish kennel. Her dachshund  owned the right important size and substance,  very extrovert caracters, ideal heads and coat. Thanks to Margareta’ females I could start my own Wire dachshund breeding.
But in those time,after 10 years, Beppe Benelli had no more Flatcoat to breed from ,  he had presented many of his beautiful dogs to friends to go hunting, also because the breed didn’t seem to be very welcome by the Italians , which never stopped surprising me and their first Italian breeder.. So we started travelling to Great Britain ,often with Beppe too, visiting shows and small family kennels, studying pedigrees and bloodlines , building up in my mind my ideal type ….
With much patience , after months and years   the first specimen from England as well as from Sweden , the second homeland for the breed , arrived .
In the beginning of the 80ies the Flatcoated Retriever was born again in Italy.
Now ,after almost 30 years Dachsunds and Flatcoat still share our love and life at “Il Corbezzolo”.